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Eagle Rubber Lathe Cut Gasket Blanks can save you money by reducing the waste of losing the center or corners when die cutting or flash cutting a circular gasket or seal. Our blanks are made to replace sheets of material and can be made from any of our polymers (See Material Guide). We can create you a custom blank that will cover several different IDs and ODs based on your needs. We have tooling on hand to produce blanks from 3/4" ID up to 40" OD and can produce up to 4" radial wall.  The wall thickness of a Lathe Cut blank is typically larger than a standard gasket to allow multiple parts to be stamped from one blank. Walls made at 4" allow for maximum flexibility. You are also not limited to standard material thicknesses as with sheets. With Eagle Lathe Cut Gasket Blanks you can stop wasting "drops" and "centers" and increase your profits on your die cut or flash cut jobs.

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